Why (Urban Spade) U.S.?


Urban Spade is more than just a general Fashion & Electronic store, it’s a way of life for me. Growing up on the southern side of Raleigh, NC I knew at a young age that I possessed the entrepreneurial spirit when I started my very first business at age of 12 in the landscaping industry. Fast forward over a decade plus later, and here we are with what I feel is the perfect platform for me to provide phenomenal value for every customer and subscriber. With Urban Spade being relatively new, I know in order to stand out I’ll have to continue to bring you the hottest - most desirable styles - trends in *Men’s accessories *Women’s accessories, the latest up to date tech in the realm of  *Electronics, and most importantly top notch, high class customer service! Eliminating the hassle of going through several different outlets/channels to find Accessories and Electronics has been a PROBLEM for me for years! So I finally decided to face my fears of wondering will I be successful or not and show undeniable faith to create my very own outlet: *UrbanSpadeShop.com!* So thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming to shop/support my store and I know with all of your help we can make this Exclusive Shop a household name!!  

"In this World we live in, all we have is U.S."

                                        -TRAVIS WILLIAMS